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Reading Group: Disinformation

Invitation: Reading Group
Disinformation of Mihai Pacepa

Join us for the book discussion and film screeing featuring Mihai Pacepa's Disinformation: Former Spy Chief Reveals Secret Strategies for Undermining Freedom, Attacking Religion, and Promoting Terrorism

Recommended reading:

Civic Enterprises - Millenáris Startup Campus
H-1024 Budapest, Kis Rókus utca 16.
6:30 PM
Thursday, September 20

The highest-ranking Soviet bloc intelligence official ever to defect to the West, Lt. Gen. Ion Mihai Pacepa is at it again .A quarter century ago, in his international bestseller Red Horizons, Pacepa exposed the massive crimes and corruption of his former boss, Romanian President Nicolae Ceausescu, giving the dictator a nervous breakdown and inspiring him to send assassination squads to the U.S. to find his former spy chief and kill him. They failed. On Christmas Day 1989, Ceausescu was executed by his own people at the end of a trial whose accusations came almost word-for-word out of Red Horizons. Today, still living undercover in the United States, the man credited by the CIA as the only person in the Western world who single-handedly demolished an entire enemy espionage service--the one he himself managed--takes aim at an even bigger target: the exotic, widely misunderstood but still astonishingly influential realm of the Russian-born "science" of disinformation.

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Invitation: Brain Bar Budapest

Invitation: Brain Bar Budapest 2018

The best-known venture capitalist of the new millennium Peter Thiel is flying in to Budapest to give an exclusive talk at Brain Bar . This is your chance to hear “the most powerful person in tech” who dares to be dangerous and speaks without a filter.


Civic Entrepreneurship Accelerator Program
Budapest - New York - Washington D.C.
from Jan 22 through Mar 21, 2018

Civic Enterprises Association is organizing a series of workshop sessions in Budapest, New York and Washington, DC from January 22 through March 21, 2018. The goal of the program is to foster private and public innovation initiatives of future and established leaders in Hungary and provide an opportunity to have a meaningful professional experience at US-based organizations.



Civic Enterprises: The Road to Freedom

Be among the first readers of the latest paper of Civic Enterprises!


Nearly 200 years ago two friends, István Széchenyi and Miklós Wesselényi traveled to Western Europe and England for a year. After their return they launched a series of innovation waves in science, culture, business and politics. What would have happened if they went to America instead of the United Kingdom?

The leaders of the Hungarian Reform Era had great talents to create symbols that were able to flare up the imagination of others, as well as the construction of the Chain Bridge, creating bridges between the need and opportunity. With their creations they sought the path to freedom.

How do we achieve freedom? What is the path to freedom for Hungary and for Hungarians all over the world? The answer, as István Bibó put it, was to create the opportunities and customs of brave and generous acts, to tie up the powers of barbarism, to allow the rich out-pour of creative forces.

How can we achieve the Renaissance of Hungarian Culture?

The 21st century solution is to simultaneously use the following four applications: Social Capital, Antifragility, Free Enterprise and the Entrepreneurship-Philanthropy Nexus.

Date of publication: March 7, 2017

Annual Report

Civic Enterprises - Senior Mentor Program
Annual Report 2016

Annual Report 2016 in English (PDF)

Annual Report 2016 in Hungarian (PDF)

Invitation: RETURN U.S. Alumni Washington D.C. Trip
from Nov 28 through Dec 5, 2016

A group
of RETURNers will organize a series of events in Washington, DC on the first week of December. The goal of the program is to provide promising future leaders an opportunity to have a meaningful professional experience at Washington-based organizations, thereby enhancing the adaptation of latest models of private and public innovation for Hungary.

Invitation: Brain Bar Budapest

Invitation: Brain Bar Budapest

Brain Bar Budapest (2-4 June 2016) where the challengers and trendsetters from across Europe and beyond give us a glimpse of what is to come. Brain Bar kicks off where other festivals throw in the towel. We take the hottest potatoes and toss them into the interdisciplinary oven with extra paprika, letting ideas and visions challenge each other. Philosophers take on disrupters. Technologists clash with ethicists. All interspersed with music and performance from artists with unique and unpredictable slants on what the future holds. Join us with partners Google and WIRED and prepare to be changed.

RETURN Alumni Retreat

Join us for RETURN U.S. Alumni Retreat
Bercel Castle - April 15-16, 2016

RETURN Steering Committee will organize the next RETURN Alumni Retreat at the Bercel Castle in Nógrád on April 15-16. All members of every U.S. alumni organization in Hungary are invited.


RETURN Annual Conference

Annual RETURN U.S. Alumni Conference
Jan 30, 2016

Please join us for the 4th RETURN – U.S. Alumni in Hungary Conference, which will be held on Saturday, January 30, 2016 at 2:00 pm. The event will take place in Room Pope John Paul II of the Pázmány Péter Catholic University (H-1088 Budapest, Szentkirályi utca 28-30).

Please register here: RSVP Form

Our Kids

Our Kids
Summary about the new book of Robert D. Putnam

The American Dream that we all know and long for is might be in danger according to Robert D. Putnam and Jennifer M. Silva. The idea of equal opportunity and the ability of going “from rags to riches” for anyone who is dedicated to hard work seems to shatter. Throughout the last decades a widening opportunity gap could be observed, showing that kids from different background do not have equal chances for improvements. “Our Kids” is a thorough examination of this growing opportunity gap in the American society. After conducting and evaluating researches, it summarizes the reasons of why social upward mobility seems much harder for youths these days.

RETURN Alumni Summit
Join us for the next RETURN Alumni Summit
Teleki-Degenfeld Castle - October 9-10, 2015


The Copernican Revolution: Pioneer Space Science Lab will be held in Budapest this July
Organized by Exosphere, the program invites space enthusiasts for a 3-week challenge to Chateau Bercel in the Hungarian countryside: working with a new space elevator concept and modeling the future of space exploration

From July 13 to 31, Exosphere, a learning and problem-solving community, is conducting a 3-week space science program “Copernicus” at Chateau Bercel, located just 60 km outside Budapest in the Hungarian countryside.
Copernicus Program (PDF)


Exobase Budapest: Reloaded
After last years successful event, Exosphere is returning to the vibrant startup scene in Budapest on May 30th as part of its Exobase Europe Tour 2015

Exosphere just launched its second  Exobase Europe Tour and is inviting people of all ages and backgrounds to take part in its program. As a full-day entrepreneurial workshop, Exobase is an event for those who are unsatisfied with their current career trajectory and are looking for ways to lead a more self-directed, intentional life.


RETURN - U.S. Alumni in Hungary Retreat (event archive)

In January 2015 alumni organizations of young Hungarian professionals who have returned home after their experiences in the United States rebooted the tradition of an annual „RETURN – U.S. Alumni in Hungary” conference. Following the success of the 3rd annual conference, the 1st RETURN Alumni Retreat was held in Chateau Bano in Felsomocsolad between April 10-12.

The aim of the retreat was to promote cooperation and communication between the alumni organizations in Hungary, to support the reintegration of returnees, bridging between members and sharing information on projects of individual participants.

Job Opening
Please find the job description in Hungarian here

Annual Report

Annual Report 2014
On way to become one of the largest nonprofit service programs in Hungary

We are exited to share with you the developments of the last seven years at Civic Enterprises. Our goal through this Annual Report is to provide details on how, with your help, we are creating social networks for positive social change in Hungary and Central and Eastern Europe.

Download Annual Report 2014 in Hungarian (PDF)

English version is coming soon...

The Power of Social Innovation
How civic entrepreneurs ignite community networks for good

Márton Aichelburg, Gergely Böszörményi-Nagy, László Radácsi, Gábor GrészIn cooperation with Civic Enterprises, Common Sense Society hosted the last event of the spring season, where panelists Gergely Böszörményi-Nagy (Design Terminál), László Radácsi (SmartLab, Budapest Business School), Gábor Grész (Campus Crusade Hungary), and Márton Aichelburg (Civic Enterprises) discussed how civic entrepreneurs ignite community networks for good...

V. AEPT 2020
AEPT 2020 Grundtvig Learning Partnership Closing Conference
May, 2014 - Hungary

AEPT 2020 BudapestBetween 19 and 22 May, Civic Enterprises hosted the fifth - and final - conference of Adult Education Pathways Towards 2020. AEPT 2020 series began in 2012, the year of Active Ageing and Intergenerational Solidarity and aimed...

IV. AEPT 2020
IV. AEPT 2020, Grundtvig Learning Partnership
January, 2014 - Spain

The forth meeting of AEPT 2020 was held in Spain by the Asociacion Intercultural La Galeria. The aims of the institution are promoting Social, Cultural, Environmental and Occupational groups and social groups such as children, youth, women, seniors, and social groups singled out peculiarities or problems in general...

Példakép Competition: "Role Model of the Year"
Civic Enterpises represented by Marton Aichelburg

Marton AichelburgMarton Aichelburg, co-founder of Civic Enterprises has been selected to the Top50 finalists of Példakép Foundation's "Role Model of the Year" competition. Thank you for supporting us. In the last 6 years we had more than 200 supporters. Without them this would not have been possible.

Példakép Foundation is a civic initiative that aims to familiarize and have successful Hungarian entrepreneurs acknowledged by the public. Not only to be proud of them and their results but also to show up a role modell for young adults they can look up to.

Because a role modell is a driving force that is irreplaceable - it gives you strength, belief and motivation for a whole life.

Read the interview with Márton...


Seniors, juniors, best friends

Civic Enterprises on


Senior Mentor ProgramWould be nice to match 1.5 million seniors to 800 pupils in elementary schools - said some young talents after returning from the U.S. in 2008. They laid the foundations of a social enterprise in which senior mentors help elementary school learners each afternoon. In America, where the idea comes from, this is a huge success. But would the state allow civils to step on its territory?

III. AEPT 2020
III. AEPT 2020, Grundtvig Learning Partnership
September, 2013 - Poland

Civic Enterprises attended the third meeting of Adult Education Pathways Towards 2020 which was organized by the Polish. The Polish partner, English Unlimited (EU), was established in 1990 and is one of the biggest language schools in northern Poland. It offers language courses of different European languages to over 3000 learners...

Failure Report 1.1

Failure Report 1.1
Report on failures in our organizational life and in the Senior Mentor Program

The report is an exclusive collection of honest opinions from colleagues and partners of Civic Enterprises. We would like to congratulate and thank all contributors who gave valuable review on our daily work. We received reviews from mentors, interns and our board members as well.

Contrary to the usual reports, in this report we aimed...

II. AEPT 2020
II. AEPT 2020, Grundtvig Learning Partnership
April, 2013 - Lithuania

The second meeting of the partnership and Adult Education Pathways Towards 2020 series was held in Lithuania. The Lithuanian partner organization - Teachers Educational Centre - is a public and non-profit organization founded by the Council of Panevėžys District Municipality in 1995 and located in Panevėžys City, Lithuania...


Interview with József Kerekes
winner of GE Capital Build a Better Community Prize and sponsor of Senior Mentor Program

Kerekes József, IT Architect

1. What is this nonprofit organization for?
The principal program of Civic Enterprises is the Senior Mentor Program in which we recruit and coordinate volunteering seniors to help children in their 2nd or 3rd grade at elementary school to overcome reading difficulties.

2. How did you get to know them?
I met the founder, Marci Aichelburg, at the US Alumni Coordinator Workshop, organized by the U.S. Embassy. Marci spent a year of internship at the Hungarian American Coalition in Washington, DC while I was completing...

Press Release

Press Conference, 2013
about the 5th year of Senior Mentor Program

Senior Mentor ProgramCivic Enterprises hosted a press conference on 8th February, 2013 about their relations in Washington, about the 5th semester of Senior Mentor Program and strategic planning for the near future.

At the conference, the 5000 dollars - more than 1 million forints - fund from GE Capital, parent company of Budapest Bank has also been announced. The company launched a competition in 10 of its European affiliates in which GE employees could nominate organizations, foundations working for social purposes. Thanks to a Budapest Bank employee, Civic Enterprises is amongst the winners and is dedicating the prize for the development of Senior Mentor Program, involving more schools in the network in various cities.

Marton Aichelburg, co-founder of Civic Enterprises emphasized that even in the past years' economic uncertainty...

Call for Action

Invest in Education
before it's too late!

Senior Mentor ProgramCivic Enterprises is dedicated to help children improve in reading and to maintain and strengthen the Hungarian Education System. Our job is more important now than ever and in order to continue and broaden the Senior Mentor Program, we need your support. The truth is that Civic Enterprises is supported by less than 50 individuals who recognized that without comprehensive reading, pupils in their 2nd and 3rd grade lag behind. I hope you will continue participating in this important social issue and support our organization before 31st December.

Amongst the uncertainties...

I. AEPT 2020
AEPT 2020, Grundtvig Learning Partnership
November, 2012 - Portugal

2012 is the year of Active Ageing and Intergenerational Solidarity in the EU. Civic Enterprises is participating in a series of meetings (Adult Education Pathways Towards 2020) organized in context of Grundtvig Learning Partnership (2012-2014, guided by the following objectives...

Failure Report 1.0
Failure Report 1.0
Report on failures in the management of Civic Enterprises

As I wrote earlier, Civic Enterprises will be issueing organization-wide failure report every year. I am still refining the guidelines. Inspired by I want a template that focuses on learning from mistakes.

So, in the spirit of failing well, I have chosen to draft our first report...

New Website

New websites
for the participants of Senior Mentor Program

The new website contains all information on Civic Enterprises - Senior Mentor Program. This website provides recruitment, training and evaluation materials needed to engage older adults for after-school programs in Hungarian.

Press Release

Young Hungarian Leaders meet Secretary Clinton in Washington, DC
Young Leaders Dialogue with America Conference

Photo by U.S. Department of StateOn March 13, Hillary Clinton US Secretary of State and Ronan Farrow, the Secretary's advisor in global youth issues welcomed 16 Central-European and American participants of the Young Leaders Dialogue with America (YLDA) conference at the State Department. The objective of the program is to facilitate transatlantic dialogue and experience-sharing

 The young leaders had the opportunity to meet high-level State Department officials, Marie L. Yovanovitch Deputy Assistant Secretary for European and Eurasian Affairs and Bay Fang Deputy Assistant Secretary for Public Diplomacy, who both expressed...

Annual Report

Annual Report 2010
On way to become one of the largest nonprofit service programs in Hungary

We are exited to share with you the developments of the last year at Civic Enterprises. Our goal through this Annual Report is to provide details on how, with your help, we are creating social networks for positive social change in Hungary and Central and Eastern Europe.


Download Annual Report 2010 (PDF)

TV Report

Mentoring at school
Report on Senior Mentor Program in Prizma

 MTV 1 Prizma interviewed our members Istvan Varro and Laszlo Karda at Harmat public school in Kobanya, Budapest.

Click here to watch the report.

Civic Enterprises News

Annual Report 2009
Civic Enterprises

We are exited to share with you the developments of the year 2009 of Civic Enterprises. Our goal through this Annual Report is to provide details on how, with your help, we are creating a social network to improve reading abilities of schoolchildren, through one-to-one tutoring in Central and Eastern Europe.

In June 2009...

Innovation for Urban Challenges
21-23 March 2010, Warsaw

The fist case-study workshop of Creative Cities Conference was held by Marton Aichelburg. Theme of the session was how to organize urban innovation for growth. The facilitators were Shelagh Wright (Demos Associate, London) and Pawel Nizinski (GoodBrand & Company, Poland).

Creative Cities is an international project designed and managed by...

Press release

Senior Mentor Program press conference 2009
Launching the second academic year

The press conference was held at Center for Social Studies of Hungarian Academy of Sciences on UN Day for Older Persons October 1, 2009. The participants of the press conference were Márton Aichelburg founder of Senior Mentor Program, Éva Nyíry retired teacher, László Trencsényi president of the Hungarian Pedagogical Society, Helga Veigl representative of Új Reformkor.

Senior Mentor Program offers...

Civic Enterprises News

Annual Report 2008
Civic Enterprises

During the past fiscal year Civic Enterprises laid down the foundations of two programs. The first is the Senior Mentor Program engages older adults to help public schools and provide academic support to young students. The second is the Internship Program - Budapest - Washington, DC. The goal of the second program is to provide promising future leaders an opportunity to have meaningful professional experience at Washington-based NGOs, thereby enhancing the adaptation of latest models of social innovation for the Hungarian nonprofit sector upon their return.

In September 2008, Senior Mentor Program pilot was launched with 7 participants. Our mentor's average service is 10-11 hours per week. This initial phase was successfully over in February 2009; and now we have the prospect to increase the program and grow four times bigger. In the second recruitment of Senior Mentor Program more than 200 people applied, our current database contains more than 300 candidates. In 2009 21% of the Budapest XI District public schools will be service sites of the program.

Download Annual Report 2008

Press release

Launching the pilot of Senior Mentor Program
Civic Enterprises

Senior Mentor Program  brings older adults into public elementary schools to improve academic achievement of students, through on-to-one tutoring. The ambition of Civic Enterprises is to build a network of mentors and foster a national movement to solve serious social problems, beginning with literacy.

Senior Mentor Program pilot project provides 3-4 sessions a week for nearly 30 students, at two elementary schools in Budapest. During the first recruitment process 7 mentors were selected out of more than 90 candidates.

Click here to watch the TV report (in Hungarian)


Recasting retirement
New Perspectives on Aging and Civic Engagement in Hungary

Hungary is in the midst of a demographic revolution. As a vast new generation of women and men move past midlife, their numbers will swell to unprecedented proportions, and they will help redefine what it means to grow older in this country. Spending three decades or more in the phase that used to be known as retirement, enjoying prolonged physical and mental health, and boasting educational levels far in excess of older people even a generation back, these individuals constitute an extraordinary -and largely untapped- social resource.

If we can motivate them to apply a portion of their newfound time and accumulated experience toward public service -helping to fill some of the most urgent needs in our society- the result would be a windfall for Hungarian civic life in the 21st century.


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